"NOTHING works better for me then this body butter. I ran out and my skin is going through withdrawals, LOL!!" M Wainer

I bought your OMG body butter last week at USM. After 4 years of steroid cream for eczema my arms cleared up in just one week.  I can't thank you enough for this great product! You gave me my skin back. - C Knowles

Thank for the prompt service in getting my dads products out. He uses it all the time on his face and head and since he started using the dermatologist has less to do. Dad is 93 and Irish so the dermatologist loves him. Using your product has helped him considerably.  I also use the same the product and have found a great improvement on my face, ears and scalp. I get fewer "yaps" at the dermatologist since I've been using it. - J Dooley