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African Rain- A powerful aroma of a tropical rain forest & lush floral drenched in warm rain.

Angel Wings- An unusual blend of soft florals with a masculine musk top note.  It’s what you would imagine rolling off the tips of an angel’s wings…heavenly.

Basil, Sage & Mint - A fresh garden medley of basil, peppermint and clary sage with hints of citrus and soft musk notes.

Bite Me (Apple) - A rendition of the delicious Red Apple. Juicy, sweet and picked right from the tree.

Cherish - Black currant, Ginger, Lemon Peel, Lime, Rose & White Sandalwood.

Citrus Splash - A wonderful blends of orange, lemon, and lime. Bright, bold and crisp – a great wake-me-up scent.

Cranberry - Tart Sharp & Sweet

Cucumber Melon - The invigorating scent of cucumber mixed with sweet, juicy melon.

Enchanted - A juicy berry base blended with notes of mimosa, apricot, sandalwood & musk.

Get Lei’d - As part of the Gardenia family of flowers, the Tuberose is a heavy, white floral with the lushness of tropical blossoms.  This delicate flower is often used in the making of Lei's...hence the name! A truly luxuriant indulgence. 

Goji Berry Bliss - Sweet berry blend of blackberry, goji berry, loganberry and gooseberry with accents of Valencia orange, vanilla cream and sugar musk.   

In The Buff(Fragrance free) - Truly Fragrance Free.  This one stripped of any fragrance or colorant.

Lavender - Refined yet simple, with an unmistakable fragrance all its own.  This is a close to being in a lavender field as you can get!

Lemon Grass - A combination of grass notes and a touch of lemony zip.  A nice balance of sharp and soothing.  Did you know that Lemon Grass is a natural insect repellant?

Lilac - The intense scent of spring in a bottle - as though a soft breeze stirred the entire lilac bush and is gently blowing the fragrance to you! 

Monkey Farts - Despite your initial reaction to the name this scent is anything but disgusting.  A unique blend of bananas, fresh grapefruit, with strawberries, kiwi, bubble gum and a touch of vanilla.  It actually smells like a Pina Colada.

Now you know the answer to:  “What’s invisible and smells like bananas?”

Oak Moss Sandalwood- A mystic blend of oak moss, sandalwood and patchouli followed by a soft blend of amber and musk.

OMG (it’s Coconut)  - Tropical nutty sweetness of coconuts. Close your eyes and feel the island breeze.

Patchouli- A powerful aroma of a tropical rain forest & lush floral drenched in warm rain.

Pink Jasmine - Magnolia, Peony & Jasmine.

WhiteTea & Ginger - A wonderfully pleasant blend of delicate white tea mingled with fresh slightly spicy ginger.